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"Blessed are the hairstylists. 

For they know how to bring out the beauty in others"

Our Story

Salon Identity may be a newer salon to this area but we house over 34 years of experience in the beauty industry. Experts in hair, Pro Makeup Artists, Colorists, to texture experts; Salon Identity is here to meet and exceed your beauty needs. 


Tabitha Breeden

Tabitha Breeden, owner of Salon Identity LLC, gives 100% of herself to her clients. She comes to you with 16 + years of experience in the beauty industry. From haircare to skincare to makeup, Tabitha is equipped with wisdom and knowledge.  Encouraging, inspiring, and beautifying is her passion. She brings this passion to her clients every time she steps behind the chair. She is not just a hairstylist, she is a tHAIRapist with years of wisdom, knowledge, experience, and passion and she wants to impact the world! Becoming a Naturalist Hair Professional is a long journey but every step is challenging her to learn more. Curly hair has become her focal point and she takes joy in being able to renew, refresh and revitalize your curls. She specializes in healthy hair! Tabitha is ready to refresh your look today! 

Dèsjah Breeden

Makeup Artist EXTRAORDINAIRE, Dèsjah was born to make you fabulous. With over 4 + years of experience in the makeup industry she is ready to share her gifting with the world. From frantic to fabulous, she is able to make you over and beyond. Dèsjah is available by appointment only. Please call at least 2 weeks in advance. 

Salon Identity is a multicultural salon established in 2014 to serve the surrounding communities by providing excellent hair and makeup services, as well as educating each client on their individual haircare and makeup needs. 

With so many aspects of life wrongfully dictating oneness and uniqueness, it is the mission of the Salon Identity Team to create a fashionable safe house of style, hair wisdom, and makeup awareness. 

It is our goal to give back to our community by serving each client in excellence and knowledge of our craft. 

Our Mission

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